Warm Up!

Posted by Brian on 24th May 2011 in Guitar, Practice

One thing that I found has become more and more important, both as I age and as I develop more complex material, is a proper warm-up before I play or practice. I’ve always found that I play better after playing for a few minutes, but I’ve never been deliberate with my warm-ups. More recently, however, I’ve found that when working on new tunes where I tend to repeat complicated passages for minutes at a time, I’m waking up the next day with various aches and pains in my hand and arm. The problem is that I tend to just grab my guitar when I have a precious few minutes to play and start right into the new material without a proper warm-up, so I’ve decided to actually do what what I’ve always told my students to do and incorporate a deliberate warm-up into my practice routine. (Which also means being disciplined about only working on new material when I have a proper block of time!)

Here is warm up routine (starting at 2:22) from Joe Satriani that is part of a series on using your metronome (a subject on which I have a lot to say – and I will… eventually…)

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